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Puppies expected march 2018

We breed for stamina, intelligence, herding ability/instincts, strength and the desire to work.

Are you looking for an active aussie for herding or dogsports?

More info in Swedish version


Pedigree indicates what the animal should be.
Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be.
But Performance indicates what the animal actually is.

-author unknown-

Sugarwind's Australian Shepherd
My goal and dream is to breed dogs that are perfectly healthy, outgoing, with a great curiosity and joy of life, great working ability without negative stress and fears. I want a functional and well balanced body with agility and drive in motion. Dogs with full body control, neither thin or heavy. The coat should be functional for a working dog.

An Australian Shepherd from my breeding is the right dog for you if you live an active life, and wants a working dog. These dogs are not suitable as pets only.

I myself train and compete in most dog sports with my dogs.

I hope for a life-long contact even after puppy purchase, I want you to X-ray hips and elbows. Of course, I am always available for questions, problems, and help with training. It is important for me to see my offsprings work to evaluate my breeding.

The dogs I use for breeding will be as much as possible DNA tested for hereditary diseases in the breed CEA / CH, prcd-PRA, hereditary cataracts and MDR1. A very simple way to avoid these diseases in the offspring. I want to know what is hidden and of course do everything I can to avoid any defects in my breeding. I also support open-disease reporting in the breed. Priority number one is a healthy dog!