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Lp 1 Lp 2 Real Sugar Mocca

When Älva was 10 month old she broke her back, a half year later she started her rehablition and are to day perfectly healthy.

Short fact about Älva

Born: 2007.09.19
Colour: Blue Merle White and Tan
Eye colour: One Blue and one brown.
Tail: Long
Bite: Complete scissor bite
Eyes: Clear 8 weeks
HD: A/A (Exellent)
ED: 0 (Exellent)
Obediance class 1. 3 st. 1:a price, 195p, 189p and 185,5p. Classwinner two times and one secondplace! LP 1. 3 first prize obedianceclass 2
Agility: agilityclass 3. 1 sticks jumpingclass 2
Showresult: CAC BOB


Windedos Night Flight

KORAD 212p. HD: A. AD: ua. Utställd: 1:a ökl


VCH WTCH CH Gabrielino's Charlie Chaplin PATDcs GS-O JS-O RS-N CGC DNA-VP

WTCH Casa Buena Cadillac Jack OTDsd STDc DNA-CP

WTCH Powder River Motown Slick HOF

Las Rocosa Poco Lena ATDds OTDc HOF

WTCH Gabrielino's Gloria RDg DNA-CP

WTCH Las Rocosa Kubliakhan Crown Pt RDx HOF

Ch Gabrielino Song Ofthe Loreli CD STDd

Fairoaks Amaretto

HD:A AD:ua. Cert. OFA Exellent (USA)

Fairoaks Atreyu STDd OTDsc (1 leg ATDc, 1 leg ATDs)

OFA Good.


Hof Ch. Chulo Rojo of Fairoaks ROM III-sire

Fairoaks Kegline Catalina

Boot Hill's Ronita Of Fairoaks

Powder River Cool Hand Luke

Fairoaks Ginger Ale

Sugargum Star Performer

HD A AD ua. 4 cert. Korningsdiplom

AUCH USCH ASCA CH Moonstruck's Star Slayer

Bishop's Echo Of Calais

Briarbrooks Bishop of Wyndridge

Sudden Reinbow of Copper Creek

Moonstrucks Jumpin For Jo-Ee

Am Ch,ASCA Ch Cobbercrest´s Shooting

L or A Dancing in the rain

AUCH Colorado Life Inthe Fastlane

Winterhaven Colorado Arcadian

Am Ch, ASCA Ch Bayshores Virginia Gentleman

Winterhaven My Tru Love

Somercrest Swingnat Ramblewood

Somercrest Barons Second Wind

Ebbtide Bonny Tam